(1) Measured at 25℃ room temperature. Power will vary depending on the room temperature.

(2) 67 lbs is equal to 30390 g, or 1072 Oz

(3) Electricity saving estimate is based on using a Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer instead of a traditional hair dryer for 10 minutes every other day for a single year. Coal and carbon footprint savings are thus calculated based on averaged performance and carbon emission of coal-fired power plants, 1 kWh electricity needs 0.513 kg coal with carbon emission of 1.002 kg.

(4) Estimates are based on EU hair dryer annual electricity consumption saving when using zuvi halo hair dryer and extrapolating it to global cases. The global impacts on different industries (cars, oil and coal) of using Zuvi Halo are calculated based on industrial statistics data. 1TWh electricity needs 0.086 Mtoe oil and generates 1.003 Mtoe carbon emission. Statistically annual CO₂ emission per car is 4.6 tons.