What is LightCare™ Technology?  

“Think of it as air-drying your hair on a breezy summer day, but at a much faster rate.” 

We took inspiration from nature’s most common method of evaporation—natural wind and sun—and combined it with rigorous testing, innovative science, and stylish, forward thinking design.

  • For Regular Drying


    Mode: CARE / FAST

    For rapid drying, dry without any attachment, otherwise the light is blocked and compromises drying speed and reduces benefits to your hair.

  • To Straighten Hair

    Step 1


    Mode: CARE / FAST

    Dry your hair 80% dry without any attachments first.



    Step 2:


    Mode: STYLE  

    Put styling concentrator (be very close to your hair), and will require drying time to smooth out wavy/curly hair.

  • For Curly Hair


    Mode: FAST / SOFT

    Use the Diffuser throughout the blow drying process. Choose FAST or SOFT mode according to your hair texture. The drying speed will be slightly compromised.

  • On Sensitive Scalps


    Mode: FAST

    Use the Gentle Air Attachment throughout the blow drying process. The drying speed will be slightly compromised.

  • CARE

    Smart sensors control wind and heat levels while drying your hair. 

  • FAST

    Our strongest wind and heat setting. 

  • SOFT

    A lighter wind and heat level suitable for sensitive scalps or children.


    Suitable for styling hair, only use this setting with the styling concentrator.

  • COOL

    A burst of cool air to set your hair after styling. Press and hold ‘Mode’ button to activate.

How-To Videos

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