Zuvi Halo 用ウォールマウント

セール価格$39.00 通常価格$49.00

Zuvi Halo 壁掛けヘアドライヤー ホルダーは、Zuvi Halo ヘアドライヤーの完璧な保管ソリューションです。 洗練されたスタイリッシュなデザインのこのホルダーは、バスルームやドレッシングエリアに洗練されたタッチを加えることができます。

高品質の素材で作られたウォールマウントは、豪華なビーガンペブルドレザーで覆われており、見た目が美しいだけでなく、ヘアドライヤーを置くのに柔らかく快適な表面を提供します。 内側の突起は耐久性のあるゴム製で、しっかりとグリップし、保管中にヘアドライヤーを傷や損傷から保護します。

Zuvi Halo ホルダーは、どんな壁にも穴を開けて簡単に取り付けられるように設計されており、ヘアドライヤーを手の届くところに保管できる省スペースのソリューションを提供します。

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sue Shapiro (United States)

I’m enjoying my wall mount for my Zuvi hair dryer. It’s so convenient and easy to grab
It’s right there at my fingertips


Most Amazing Product I’ve ever seen !! Thank you!! For saving hair


I love my Zuvi Halo and this is the best way to hang it up. Don't go cheap and risk damage to your best dryer ever, like I did originally. If my dryer would have been up when the cheap holder fell off the wall, it would have definitely done damage. Thanks to the lucky stars it wasn't hanging up, I went straight to Zuvi website and ordered this wall mount and it is fantastic 😍.

Melissa (United States)
Easy to install as 1,2,3! Love it!

This shipped so quickly and arrived today. I love the packaging, it's got everything inside that you need to install it, except for a screwdriver! Now the best part, I had this installed by myself with in a few minutes, really it only took like 2 minutes! WOW!, I love the minimal look and design of this. It's perfect for my Zuvi. This is not a cheap made holder. It has heft to it and everything is definitely quality made. Don't chance using one of those stick up hair dryer holders like I did before buying the Zuvi hair dryer wall mount. Because it just falls off after a while and it could damage your dryer, luckily my Zuvi wasn't hanging from it when the cheap one fell off the wall. I immediately threw it out and went to Zuvi life and ordered this one. It's definitely worth the cost and security it offers for my dryer. So, in conclusion Yes! I definitely recommend this wall mount.

Helen (United Kingdom)
A must have for your dryer

Just the job ! Very well made, easy to fit and looks good too ! A good buy !